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The Clinic is based along the Broadway in Bexleyheath high street.

The primary focus is restoring normal function and maximising your potential, whether this be elite high performance sport or basic activities of daily living such as sitting to standing or walking.



Did you know?

The body has about 640 muscles which make up almost half of its total weight. When you move you use approximately 200 of these muscles. There are also 206 bones in the human body and nearly 45 miles of nerves running through it!

The human body is an amazing machine. Unfortunately as with anything mechanical things can go wrong. It is normal to experience the odd "niggle" now and then. Our bodies are exceptional at healing. In fact our body is continually repairing itself every day by breaking down old cells and replacing them with new ones. It stands to reason then that most new aches and pains we pick up resolve without any intervention.

If an injury or pain continues to persist and is not getting better, don't put up with it thinking that there is nothing that can be done. In most cases Physiotherapy can help.

Here at the Clinic we will be able to advise you about your condition and give you the tools and education to try and minimise the chance of re-occurrence. If we are not able to help we will communicate with your GP and if appropriate recommend a Consultant to you.

Please take a minute to have a look at our guest book to view the comments from patients who have attended the clinic in the past. You could also have a look on our Facebook page by clicking on the link at the bottom - there are updates posted regularly about injuries and other useful information.

If you have a question about a musculoskeletal condition, injury or about the information you have read on the site please call the clinic on                           020 8303 4382. Alternatively, you can send your query by email to ask@broadwayphysio.com


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